Environmental Policy Statement

Varel Engineering Company Ltd is committed to on-time and in-budget performance for all our clients in the various sectors of the economy. We are committed to forging and maintaining lasting relationships with our clients and partners by providing a complete and professional service in all aspects and stages of the contracting process.

Varel Engineering is committed to managing environmental issues in a responsible and sensible manner, accepting that we have responsibilities to afford generations the choices and opportunities that we are currently enjoying. We aim to maintain the highest degree of control on emissions and discharges including materials and substances to the environment.

The company will operate in accordance with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations and will seek to improve upon them.

The Managing Director has overall responsibility for environmental issues. This includes the environmental policy formulation, implementation and review. In addition, the Managing Director will ensure relevant environmental objectives and targets are set, necessary measures implemented and performance reviewed annually to ensure the company’s environmental standards are continually improving.

The company recognizes its legal responsibility to environmental standards, which relates to its environmental aspects and is committed to the continual improvement of standards and performance throughout the organization by the implementation of an effective environmental management system. The company will aim to minimize waste produced and where possible reuse and recycle the waste it produces to ensure sustainable development.

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